Namibia Classic

11 days (10 overnight stay)

Namibia Classic takes you to the country's most beautiful highlight such as the dunes at Sossusvlei, Dead Vlei, Sesriem Canyon, Swakopmund, Welwitschia, Moon Landscape, Rockpaintings in the Erongo mountain, Visiting the San People, Etosha National Park, Waterberg and Namibia's capital city, Windhoek.




Day 1 (driving distance ca. 350 km)




On your arrival we will meet you at the international airport Hosea Kutako and accompany you to collect your rented car. After that we discuss your itinerary with you, provide some useful tips and tricks, hand over your travel documents and answer any questions you might still have. Then you set off on your trip to your lodge near Sossusvlei via the Spreetshoogte Pass or the Gamsberg Pass. During this journey you will experience the beauty of the breathtaking vistas of this country.




Accommodation: Namib Desert Lodge (BB)




Day 2 (driving distance ca. 210 km)




At the break of day you watch the world renowned dunes of Sossusvlei light up in the first rays of the rising sun. You then continue to Dead Vlei with its desiccated trees, aged more than 800 years, a sight to quicken the heartbeat of any photographer. To conclude this spectacular outing you pay a visit to the Sesriem Canyon, which is the result of a long period of erosion.




Accommodation: Namib Desert Lodge (BB)




Day 3 (driving distance ca. 400 km)




Today’s journey takes you through the Gaub- and Kuiseb Canyon. Along the road to Swakopmund you have the opportunity to view the moon landscape and the ancient Welwitschia, named after the Austrian botanist Friedrich Welwitsch who first described this amazing plant.




Accommodation: Atlantic Villa (BB)




Day 4




In addition to excellent restaurants and shopping the coastal town of Swakopmund, established during the German colonial era, offers adventure activities such as boat trips, kayaking in the bay of Walvis Bay, quadbike tours, scenic flights, skydiving and much more.




Accommodation: Atlantic Villa (BB)



Seal Colony
Seal Colony

Day 5 (driving distance ca. 200 km)




Your destination today is the majestic Erongo Mountain massif, spectacular even though only the ruin of a long extinct volcano. The road to the Ai-Aiba Lodge passes through foothills and plains strewn with huge rounded granite boulders. A game drive on Ai-Aiba will take you to view rock paintings older than 1000 years followed by sundowners with a view of the sun setting beyond the distant horizon.




Accommodation: Ai-Aiba - The Rockpainting Lodge (BB)




Day 6 (driving distance ca. 360 km)




In the morning you could visit the "Living Museum", a project in support of the San people, where visitors can become acquainted with the way of life of these most ancient inhabitants of Namibia. They will show you how they hunt, how they fashion ornaments and how they light a fire by rapidly twirling a hardwood stick into a base of soft wood. From there you continue towards the Etosha National Park, another highlight during your travels in Namibia. Your Camp Okaukuejo is right inside the National Park and has an illuminated waterhole where you can watch game day and night.




Accommodation: Okaukuejo Camp (BB)



Etosha National Park
Etosha National Park



Day 7 (driving distance ca. 80 km)




Leaving Okaukuejo at the crack of dawn, you start on your drive to Camp Halali, your accommodation for that evening. Along the way you have ample opportunity to watch many different antelope species, giraffe as well as elephant and with some luck even lion, hyena, leopard and rhino. Situated in the heart of the Etosha National Park, Camp Halali also has an illuminated waterhole where animals can be observed day and night.




Accommodation: Halali Camp (BB)




Day 8 (driving distance ca. 100 km)




Early in the morning you set off to watch game at various waterholes and eventually leave the park to reach your Camp outside of the park.




Accommodation: Mushara Bush Camp (DBB)




Day 9 (driving distance ca. 350 km)




Today’s journey takes you to the Waterberg Plateau Park, a nature reserve near Otjiwarongo. But for the Caprivi, this will be your only chance to view buffalo in Namibia. Hiking trails in the park will take you to the most spectacular viewpoints and provide the opportunity to study fauna and flora.




Accommodation: Waterberg Wilderness Lodge (DBB)




Day 10 (driving distance ca. 230 km)




After your arrival at Okapuka Ranch you might like to take a short trip to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Alternatively, you can just enjoy the day and relax on a game drive during which you may see white rhino, giraffe, crocodile and various antelope, topping off your stay by viewing the feeding of the lions.




Accommodation: Okapuka Ranch (BB, Lion feeding)



Lion feeding Okapuka Ranch
Lion feeding Okapuka Ranch

Day 11 (driving distance ca. 80 km)




You drive to the international airport Hosea Kutako and fly home taking along many beautiful new memories.