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Wildlife and Rhino Awareness Tour

13 days (12 overnight stays)
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Be a Rhino Hero and Help Save Africa's Rhinos!

The rhino symbolizes the magic of Africa's open spaces and wildlife. But sadly, our rhino population is facing for decades a tremendous decrease through poaching, which threatens their existence. Be part of our Wildlife and Rhino Awareness Tour in which you can support the Rhino Momma Project and be an important part of this special experience. Together with a conservation team, you will carry out the dehorning of the rhinos as part of the Rhino Momma Project. Rhino dehorning is used to protect rhinos from poaching. The dehorning process does NOT harm the Rhinos. Great care is taken to reduce the stress of the animal. A skilled team of professionals are involved in the task to ensure that the dehorning is done safely and effectively. The tour is not limited to the rhino conservation project. Other highlights are in store for your. Your experienced guide will show you the most beautiful places in Namibia on a partial off-road journey. 
No previous experience is required for this adventure trip!


Day 1 - Welcome to Namibia

Welcome to our beautiful country! After your arrival at the International Airport Hosea Kutako, you will spend your first night in Namibia at the Midgard Country Estate, not far from the capital Windhoek. In the afternoon you experience the first time the breathtaking views of our country. You drive through savannah and bushveld up to the top of the mountain, where you will be enchanted by the view from the platform, which is called for a good reason “God’s Window”. This is the perfect start for a journey through Namibia.


Accommodation: Midgard Country Estate

Day 2 - Rhino Momma Project

After a hearty breakfast you leave the Midgard Coutry Estate and travel to your next destination, Kifaru Luxury Lodge. You will spend two nights at Kifaru and you will be part of the ultimate conservation experience. You as a conservation enthusiast are invited to be part of the rhino capture and dehorning process. In this experience you learn about the endangered black and white rhino and particularly about rhino conservation in Namibia and what can be done to save these majestic animals from the brutal poaching.
Accommodation: Kifaru Luxury Lodge
Day 3 -  The conservation experience
Today you will be part of a unique and very important process in the rhino conservation, to which The Rhino Momma Project is dedicated. Kifaru Luxury Lodge is the proud lodge representative of this program and home to The Rhino Momma Project. It takes care of repopulation of the rhino species in Southern Africa. In order to achieve these goals they routinely dehorn the rhinos in order to reduce the risk of poaching and to prioritise the safety of the animals. The dehorning process does not harm the rhinos. Great care is taken to reduce the stress of the animals. A skilled team of professionals is involved in the task to ensure that the dehorning is done safely and effectively.
Accommodation: Kifaru Luxury Lodge
Day 4 - Etosha National Park
Another highlight on your bucket list is waiting for you. Explore the next part of Namibia’s most famous and loved wildlife retreat - the Etosha National Park. Experience the beauty and authenticity of Africa at Etosha. Relax and take in all that Namibia has to offer at one of Etosha’s many watering holes that attract rare and endangered black rhinos, elephant, lion, and large numbers of antelope. Your accommodation for tonight, the Etosha King Nehale Lodge, is not far from Etosha National Park.
Accommodation: Etosha King Nehale Lodge
Day 5 - Explore the National Park
This morning you discover the lifestyle of a traditional homestead and learn more about the culture and daily life of the Ovambo people. As the lodge is situated in the King Nehale Conservancy, it pays homage to the King's rich cultural heritage. The landscapes here are spectacular and vast and include the Andoni Plains, artesian springs and woodlands. In the afternoon you can chill and relax on the verandah of your chalet with private splash pool, an ideal time to escape the hot Namibian sunshine.
Accommodation: Etosha King Nehale Lodge
Day 6 - Driving through Etosha National Park
Your day begins with the first rays of sunshine. You drive through the Etosha National Park from the north east to the west side (Okaukuejo) of the park to your next accommodation. In the park you have the opportunity to meet every animal that a traveller to Africa hopes to see. During your drive you will get close to elephant, zebra, antelope and giraffe. With some luck you will even spot rhino, lion and leopard.
Accommodation: Etosha Oberland Lodge
Day 7 - Damaraland 
Today it goes to the famous Damaraland. Between the rivers Ugab and Huab in southern Damaraland lies a beautiful and almost untouched wilderness. In this region you will find magnificent desert landscapes, fascinating rock formations, archaeological sites and an almost unique variety of desert plants and animals. The famous Twyfelfontein rock paintings and rock engravings of the San (Bushmen) can be found in this area. They are more than 8000 years old and over 2500 paitings and rock engravings were counted. UNESCO has declared Twyfelfontein as a World Heritage Site in 2007.
Accommodation: Malansrus Tented Camp
Day 8 - Scenic off-road drive an the Desert Elephants

This morning you explore the area in your own vehicle. In particular, it is about the search for rare desert elephants adapted to the desert. You drive along dry river beds in true untouched wilderness of the Damaraland. With some luck you might spot the beautiful desert elephants, which are well adapted to the arid and barren landscape.

An unforgettable und unique experience.

Accommodation: Malansrus Tented Camp
Day 9 - West Coast of Namibia

Today you drive directly to the west coast to the coastal town of Swakopmund. Here you will spend some relaxing days at the Strand Hotel. The city offers great shopping and many adventure activities such as boat trips, quad biking, scenic flights, skydiving and much more. In the evening, dine in one of the city's excellent restaurants or at your accommodation - the Strand Hotel. The hotel has 3 restaurants (Brewer & Butcher, Farmhouse Deli and Ocean Cellar) to offer.

Accommodation: Strand Hotel
Day 10 - Coastal Experience
Your day starts with a catamaran tour on the sea in Walvis Bay. On this exciting ride you may be lucky enough to see dolphins swimming alongside your catamaran. But a lot more surprises are waiting for you! Enjoy your lunch with delicious Namibian oysters and champagne.
Accommodation: Strand Hotel
Day 11 - 4x4 Driving in the dunes
With a relaxed breakfast you start your day and then your dune adventure begins! Drive along the seaside where two so different elements meet - the ocean and the dunes. Everyone is enchanted by this special combination, a feast for the eyes and for the soul! On this exciting dune trip, we teach you how to drive over the tallest and wildest dunes at your own pace and make our way through the scenic beauty of Sandwich Harbour. En route, you enjoy a light lunch.
Accommodation: Strand Hotel
Day 12 - Back to Windheok
After your exciting travel through Namibia, you will return to your point of departure, Windhoek. The last night of your journey will be spent at Hotel Heinitzburg, which is situated in and overlooks the capital Windhoek. After your arrival you can either relax at the Hotel or explore Windheok in the afternoon.
Accommodation: Hotel Heinitzburg
Day 12 - Good bye!
Today you will start your last day in Namibia with a hearty breakfast at the Hotel, where you can also relax until you will have to leave for your departure from Windhoek International Airport. Here you will drop-off your rented car at the Car Rental counter and board for your return flight awaiting you after exploring Namibia.
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